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DDDP Version 2.0 Released

We are excited to announce version 2.0 of the DoubleDutch Developer Platform! We've made some improvements to the development tools and process, which will speed your development time and… Read Article →

Getting Started with DDDP

This article was updated on March 20, 2019 due to the release of the DoubleDutch Developer Platform v2.0 tools See this FAQ for non-engineers . The DoubleDutch Developer Platform supports… Read Article →

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DoubleDutch Developer Platform (DDDP)? DDDP allows DoubleDutch customers and 3rd party developers to build extensions that can be installed to any DoubleDutch event app. What is… Read Article →

Web View Sections in a DoubleDutch event app

Getting started A web view can be embedded in any DoubleDutch event app via the DoubleDutch CMS. Layout > Add New Section > Web View Insert the URL of the web page to load. HTTPS is… Read Article →

Publishing and Installing Extensions

Publishing your DoubleDutch extension Once you have finished development, you will need to be provisioned for a DoubleDutch developer account before you can publish and install the extension… Read Article →

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